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So recently FileMaker corrected a long standing mistake by putting a fork in XSLT.   XSLT was FileMaker’s web published brain child … back in the days of FileMaker Pro 7.  FMI believed that XML would make a better web publishing tool, than then industry standard PHP.    Never mind that everyone and their grandma (ok, well maybe not Grandma) was using PHP for web publishing.  I personally begged … at the time…with the responsible parties…not to go down this road, but to support the open PHP.   No Dice.   So about 5 years later…the mistake is corrected by putting XSLT out of its misery. (more…)

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Well this month makes it 20 years…for me in the FileMaker business “trenches”, and frankly it has been crazy, rewarding, frustrating…just about every adjective you can thing of.

A customer of ours recently asked…”what does that 20 years of experience mean?” The question was a funny one, since the answer is obvious to anyone with measurable experience…or who have dealt with a consultant or developer who lacks the experience.


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